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Wooden Arbours And Their Uses

October 15, 2018

What is an Arbour Used For? An Arbour is a garden structure that is unknown to many but essentially, it is a vertical structure that offers shelter, shade and acts as a focal point for any garden. They are designed to blend in with the surroundings or even separate different areas of a garden, making […]

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Why a Greenhouse is Right for You

October 1, 2018

In the UK, many of us enjoy growing plants in our gardens. Whether you enjoy growing flowers or even vegetables, the feeling you get when you see your flowers in bloom or you eat your own produce cannot be beaten. Despite this, the weather can often leave our gardens decimated, even in summer and when […]

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How to choose the right gazebo

September 17, 2018

  Whether you are deciding to give your garden a complete makeover or give it a new look with some subtle changes, you should consider a gazebo. A gazebo can completely transform your garden from a bland space into a space that looks classy, sophisticated and completely practical. Gazebos are not just about practicality because […]

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The Benefits of Wooden Bike Storage

September 10, 2018

If you don’t have the luxury of having a garage to store your bike, then the next best option is to choose a wooden bike shed. There are many different options available but understanding what the benefits are can help you to make an informed decision. Your bike is a valuable piece of kit and […]

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Benefits of Using Plastic Storage Sheds

May 31, 2018

The Benefits of Using Plastic Storage Sheds Although timber sheds are the traditional addition to an outdoor space, there are many gardens which are now opting for something different. Plastic storage sheds are a very different type of structure but offer real benefits. Here are some of the benefits that using a plastic storage shed […]

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Keeping Your Shed Protected Against Thieves

May 28, 2018

Keeping Your Shed Protected Against Thieves Garden sheds can contain many valuable items, from equipment to power tools and bikes. For this reason, they are often the target for would-be thieves who are hoping to be able to bag some goodies for minimal effort. Despite the value of the items inside, many garden sheds are […]

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Picking A Potting Shed

May 18, 2018

How to Pick a Potting Shed If you’re a keen gardener, a potting shed can be a useful addition to your outdoor space. Even if the weather is inclement, a potting shed can be the ideal way to prep your seeds and plants without getting drenched in the process.  However, there are many different types […]

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A Guide to Allotment Garden

May 16, 2018

 How And Why Should You Get A Allotment? If you’re not blessed with an abundance of space in your back yard, you could be missing out on the opportunity to grow your own fruit and veg. Nothing tastes sweeter than the produce you have grown yourself, so if you don’t have ample garden space an […]

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How to Keep your Shed Contents Child-Friendly 

May 12, 2018

How to Keep your Shed Contents Child-Friendly  Sheds are a useful addition to any garden whether they’re used for holding tools and equipment or larger items such as bikes and mowers. However, for a child, a shed can be the perfect place to spark their vivid imagination, transforming into a magical castle, a pirate boat […]

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Getting Children Involved in Gardening

April 18, 2018

The Advantages of Getting Children Involved in Gardening With all the criticism of children being too attached to their technology, gardening offers the perfect way to get some fresh air. No matter what size your garden is, it’s easy to get youngsters involved with growing and planting. Schools are increasingly recognising the possibilities that gardening […]

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