The Best She Sheds Around!

October 24, 2017

Man caves, we all know about them. A lot of our fathers had one – which was then most likely used as your teen hangout spot. They’re a landmark in British back gardens. You’re sure to have been within a mile of one at some point in your life.

But it’s only ever been man caves, what about a female’s sanctuary? Mums do most of the work in our houses, why don’t they get their own haven? Thankfully there has been a polar response: she sheds. That’s right, a genetic counterpart. Who said sheds should distinctly be for men, anyhow? The XX chromosome is appropriating the shed and we couldn’t be happier!

What exactly does a She Shed entail? We agree it’s a bit ambiguous. Perhaps even sexist. But we believe this had been done deliberately to mimic the ridiculousness of a shed being possessed by a sex. As they have been for years.

This caricatured response has been fascinating – it’s led to some really beautiful sheds! Pastel exterior, quaint decor, and above all, a lovely vibe. Today we look at the best She Sheds we’ve seen since their humble beginnings!

A Simple Garden Shed

Rather than a total revamp – new lick of paint, structural redesign, etc – this shed has simply had an interior change. A cheap way to transform your shed, for sure!

The owner has taken the space, which presumably was used for storage in the past, and totally splashed their character all over it. That’s the best thing about sheds in our opinion: as they’re not in the house, there’s no pressure have a real use for it, thus, people use it as a space for their identity. There’s total free-roam with them. And as you can see, the owner has done it magnificently here.


  The Best She Sheds Around! Sheds to Last

Plastic Shed Gone Chic!

Who said plastic sheds didn’t have class? Whoever did, go and find them – go and find them and tell them they’re wrong! Plastic SHEds are in right now.

Look at this sleepy classic. It’s comfortable, cheap, and chic! This shed really looks like a place where you could have a beatific afternoon; simply reading a book and pondering life’s complexities.


The Best She Sheds Around! Sheds to Last

Quintessentially British

Slash your personality? How about splashing your nationalism! This shed has equal parts britishness and equal part femininity. It’s a lovely little place to perhaps get some work done or just a nice to relax during a summer’s dusk, all whilst feeling as British as you could possibly be.

Whoever did this to their shed sure must be happy with the final product.

The Best She Sheds Around! Sheds to Last

Cabin Getaway

When we hear cabin getaway our mind usually goes to a £500+ weekend in the forest of dean. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re an area with an abundance of greenery, you can make your very own idyllic getaway – in your own back garden!

Sheds are truly diverse. They can transform a back garden into something great, something you love. If you go this direction, we’re sure you’ll look forward to coming home every day!

The Best She Sheds Around! Sheds to Last

I Can See Clearly Now That My Shed Is Cool

Sheds are fairly often forgotten or neglected; relegated to nothing but storage space. This shed-owner saw right through all that rubbish! They converted their shed into a transparently awesome shed!

Think about all the dreamy summer afternoons you could spend in this shed! Winter? Well, imagine reading a book in there when the rain is hammering down outside. Dreamy all year round.

The Best She Sheds Around! Sheds to Last


You may have noticed around halfway through this article we stopped specifically talking about female orientated sheds. This is simply because we believe, male or female, people should make the shed that they believe suits them most. As we said earlier, there’s less weight as to what you do with your shed, so you get total free-roam with it – utilise that. Get creative!

Sheds To Last

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