Benefits of Using Plastic Storage Sheds

May 31, 2018

The Benefits of Using Plastic Storage Sheds

Although timber sheds are the traditional addition to an outdoor space, there are many gardens which are now opting for something different. Plastic storage sheds are a very different type of structure but offer real benefits.

Here are some of the benefits that using a plastic storage shed can offer. 


A shed is a big investment and high quality timber will last for many years. However, there are times when a timber shed is just too much of a stretch financially but you still have a pressing need for storage. 

Plastic sheds are the solution, offering economy coupled with low maintenance. The upkeep on plastic sheds is minimal compared to other materials. You won’t need to treat the plastic to protect against insects or rot, and they don’t need to be painted. 

A simple wipe down with regular cleaning products is all a plastic shed needs to stay in tip top condition, making it cheap to both purchase and maintain.  


Most sheds are securely positioned, and moving them elsewhere in your garden – or to another location – would involve lots of time, effort and money. 

Plastic sheds are typically very easy to assemble and lightweight too. This allows them to be rapidly taken apart and moved elsewhere in the garden, or even to a different house. For this reason they are an excellent choice for anyone who is only renting a property on a short-term basis or who likes to regularly shuffle their garden layout around. 

Some plastic storage sheds can even be moved completely intact, making them extremely portable. 

This doesn’t mean that plastic sheds aren’t secure, and it is often recommended that they are anchored or fixed into position. Some sheds feature holes on the base for this purpose. 


Plastic storage sheds have a reputation for not being particularly durable and in the past, this would have been a fair statement. However advances in technology now mean that most plastic sheds are made from polypropylene rather than cheaper plastics, and this performs far better. 

Polypropylene will not rust, corrode or rot and it’s immune to mildew and mould, giving it a real advantage compared to other organic materials. They are typically treated to withstand UV light without degrading or fading, and they are often shored up with steel which adds a core strength. 

These changes mean that plastic storage sheds can now be purchased for long term use and are suitable all year long, even in areas which face harsh climatic conditions. 


Plastic storage sheds are typically a modular design which usually gives customers some flexibility over the final appearance. 

The number of windows you have and the placing of the windows and doors can often be changed to meet the your needs. This allows you to create a plastic shed that works with your available outdoor space.

This modular approach means that not only can you customise your plastic storage shed, but some can even be expanded at a later stage if your needs change.