10 of the Best Garden Design Blogs to Inspire You This Spring

March 29, 2018

10 of the Best Garden Design Blogs

With springtime just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to think about giving your garden an overhaul. But with so many different options, it can be difficult to come up with some new ideas.

The good news is that help is at hand. Take some time to check out 10 of these top garden design blogs and you’ll soon be ready to get started on your own back yard.

The Patient Gardener

Helen Johnstone is The Patient Gardener and indulges in a world of horticultural delights from her home in the Malverns. Helen’s biggest passion is planting, more specifically growing plants from seed, no matter how challenging.

From a garden plan to seasonal recommendations, The Patient Gardener is about enjoying and engaging in the whole process rather than trying to rush to achieve the result.

On the Ledge

Seasoned journalist Jane Perrone is the presenter of renowned podcast On the Ledge where she focuses on her love of indoor gardening. Forget about a limp spider plant dangling weakly in the corner, Jane is the champion of weird, wonderful and esoteric houseplants that will really turn heads.

Jane’s blog expands on the themes contained within her podcast, and includes her opinions on outdoor gardening too. In particular, readers will find lots of tips on growing vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes, as well as edible plants too.

Alternative Eden

Alternative Eden is the brainchild of Gaz and Mark, two professionals who spend their free time indulging their love of exotic gardening. The blog started in 2018 and has followed the garden as it’s developed and evolved over time, including the completion and installation of their pond.

Since starting the blog, the focus of Alternative Eden has broadened to include other areas of interest including internal decor, travel and lifestyle.

Stopwatch Gardener

Sheila M Averbuch provides the passion behind the Stopwatch Gardener, and you’ll be able to find her pottering away in Edinburgh.

Working as a copywriter, Sheila created the Stopwatch Gardener to share photos of her garden, including the progress of her vegetable patch and outdoor peach tree. Each of her blog entries explores an element of her garden, providing photos to supplement the text, transporting visitors instantly to a quiet corner in an Edinburgh suburb.

Great British Gardens

Great British Gardens is a website on a much bigger scale, offering a guide which covers the whole of the UK. Visitors can browse by region or by theme, with around 550 gardens in total included.

The gardens featured on this site are open to the public, and you’ll find information about their opening hours as well as the type of plants and flowers you are likely to see. If you’re planning to travel to the area, the details of nearby places to stay could also be very useful.

Amateur Gardening

Amateur Gardening is the website of the popular magazine of the same name, and brings all the big news and features from the world of horticulture together.

A one-stop shop for articles about plant care, inspiration on gardening as well as cutting edge campaigns, this site is an invaluable resource for all gardeners old and new. You’ll find top tips as well as seasonal advice, with clear photos and step by step instructions all of which makes gardening very accessible, even to children.

You also have the option to subscribe to Amateur Gardening magazine, either in printed or digital format, which will save you money compared to buying it elsewhere.

The Middle Sized Garden

Alexandra Campbell provides the passion behind The Middle Sized Garden and aims her blog towards outdoor areas which are larger than a courtyard, but no bigger than an acre. This size of garden has its own particular challenges; expensive to plant and landscape yet lacking the more opulent features of larger spaces.

The Middle Sized Garden share hints and ideas about how to save time and money without compromising on the appearance, and without the need to possess any complicated manual skills. Follow this blog if you want practical advice which will make an impact without costing a fortune.

The Unconventional Gardener

Although gardens can exist purely to provide beauty and a place to relax, Emma Cooper’s fascination lies with plants which are edible, or otherwise of use. Emma is The Unconventional Gardener and is a published author as well as a presenter of a podcast series which focusses on the subject of edible planting, amongst other things.

Whether you only have a small balcony garden, or a larger allotment, Emma is full of helpful advice on how to grow edible plants in a way which is environmentally friendly.

Daily Mail – Gardening

If you love nothing more than to absorb yourself in the world of horticulture, the gardening section in the Daily Mail could be perfect for you. Forget about the headlines, in this section of the news site you’ll be able to glean practical tips and advice on various aspects of gardening.

You’ll find far more than a simple “how to” collection of guides however, as there’s also feature articles which consider the broader picture. Whether it’s finding your nearest floral show, buying plant pots or taking a closer look at the ecosystems of a wetland, you’ll find an interesting mix of subjects for keen gardeners to enjoy.

The Guardian – Gardening

The final entry on the list is another well known news site, The Guardian – which also contains an eclectic mix of news, guides and information on a variety of horticultural subjects. Here however you’ll find more than the usual collection of regurgitated facts; the articles are thought provoking and interesting, and will challenge the way your think about gardening forever.

Enjoy being inspired!

The above 10 blogs are all great examples of a good gardening blog, and offer a range of information and advice. No matter how many years you’ve been gardening for, there’s always something new to learn! Take your pick of the digital offerings and allow your soul to be inspired by what you see.